Sunday, December 27, 2009

Handmade Gifting

I consider myself a round peg. I like to make things complicated and detailed. Take this blog for instance. I haven't written a descent post in quite some time. Though, here I am about to lay down a massive post loaded with picture and links. Grab a beverage and get comfy.

Where was I? The winding roads I take throughout my crafting process gives life to the final product. It's as if one can feel the life and time that was put into an object. I think handmade is the original way of life, buying only what you can't make yourself. Making something, rather than buying something also gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

For the third year in a row, I have done a handmade Christmas. My family lives far away from me, which means I don't always make it home for the holidays. When I send a box of gifts to them, I want it to really count. I want to them to know that I think about and miss them often. I know they miss me, too. I feel that a little something made from my own two hands, helps us to be a little closer. I also recruited help from other crafters (all hail etsy!) to keep with my handmade theme. I am but one woman. hahaha!

These first round of pictures were crafted by yours truly.

Applique fun

mandala hoodie for the armanos (this is only one of them, some how i missed snappin' a pic of the other. boo.)

wall hanging for the hunter

festive repair job on my miguel's sweatpants

Cowl neck scarves
I chose the color palette and button to go with each lady's style

Soy wax candles
This was the first time Miguel and I ever made our own candles. It was super fun and easy. We scored fun ceramic vessels at the thrift store super cheap. My favorites were in hand thrown mugs.

Handmade Hippie Secret Santa gift I sent
I made this apron with vintage velours and blue scraps for Sarah of May's Playce

Repurposed "Classy Cozie" (pattern courtesy of fiber artist & friend The Peaceful Peacock)

Drink Coasters
I made these with repurposed vintage fabric from a family stool. One went to my mom and the other to my sister. This way they could have drinks together while being far away from each other.

Retro Apron
I made this sweet throw back apron for my future mother in law. It features lots of gathering in the front. I made my own bias trim and added a towel loop.

Dog Jacket
This gift was an impromptu for my buddy's dog who stayed with us over the Christmas holiday. I used repurposed fleece from a torn sweatshirt and vintage buttons along the belly closure. Isn't she precious?

These gifts were created by other etsy artists.

Hand turned wooden orb/marble stands by Wood Art and Steam Punk

Handmade natural and awesome deodorants by BathLife.

Hand printed T-shirt by dndteesandstrings

Hand thrown shave mug set & handmade soap by Soothing Suds

A beautiful hand spun & hand knit scarf by my dear Gypsy Road team leader The Peaceful Peacock

More Gypsy Road goodness
My favorite gift from Miguel was this amazing apron by my fellow Gypsy Road member Holly, of Holly Daze Creations. She does amazing applique work, not to mention her bad ass patchwork skills. You can find her etsy shop here.


I look forward to the new year. I plan on setting realistic goals for myself. The most exciting thing about this year, is that my main squeeze and I are getting married in the fall. Planning our wedding is going to be the biggest crafting challenge I have ever done. I want lots of DIY and vintage inspired everything. It is a bit overwhelming to think about all of the details, but I have lots of people who want to help me plan it all out perfectly. Wish me luck!