Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wait and the Wind will Come

That's what Miguel and I say about windsocks. Patience is a hard thing to come by around here though.

Check the wrap pants I made for myself to wear to the art show......

I usually use a knit stretchy material for the main fabric, but this time I used a polyester type linen woven fabric. 

They turned out quite classy if I do say so myself......
Last night I set up my booth for the art show this weekend. Geez I wish I had another clothing rack. Mig claims he will build one for me with some scrap PVC pipe we have lying around, but I will believe it when I see it. :) Hopefully one of us can scrounge one from work to borrow........

I realized I have alot more inventory than I previously thought. I was goin through everything for a final quality inspection... feeling a little down and unsure.... I don't know why. I will feel SO much better when this is all over..... 

 I also started figuring out my prices for this event. Its gonna be at the local art musem and they want a 25% donation per item sold. WOW right?! So I am readjusting all of my prices so that my time gets rewarded too.

 I did some handsewing on a dear friend's jacket that needed mending.  I don't know what it is about handsewing, but it's very relaxing. Its probably the quiet relfection that I needed.

Here is my donation piece for the show.......An upcycled fancy apron..... (*note my TV pal Bob Ross  hee hee)

I used a super cute vintage pillow case, vintage buttery polyester knit, and a sage green scrap from my stash.......

It was a quick and gratifying project. I think I may have to whip up a few of these for the shop.....next week. 

much love,

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Look Ma! Nanner's got a new Banner

Here is the new banner I made for my shop. I like to keep it simple, you guys likey? 

I'm makin myself some wrap pants for the art show this weekend. I've got to represent my style! 

Thursday night, April 2, I will be putting my etsy shop in vacation mode. All of my inventory {and then some} will be heading to the Art in Bloom in Huntsville, Alabama.  So, if you have had your eye on something you'ld better grab it up. I hope to have a very successful vending expereince.

Here I am at the Loki Festival in North Carolina gettin' my sip on. 

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weight of the World

Get ready for a super long rant here. I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders tonight. I must vent...........

I just got off a super long night shift bartending (801 Franklin the best place for all natural and organic fine dining in Huntsville, AL). Needless to say, it was a long night and I definately earned my money tonight. 

    Miguel and our two dogs were waiting for me after my shift. We had a lovely spring night drive home together. Little to our dismay, our neighbors horendous four yappy "dogs" were on their screened in porch barking like there was no tomorrow.  At 1 AM, I mean come on!

And let me tell you all, this is an all the time thing. I have to plan my hula hooping schedules for when I know they are going to be at work and their dogs are going to be inside. Also when there is a chance that our two dogs and their four dogs are out at the same time I bring mine in because all of the dogs just bark like hell at each other. 

It         is           mind         numbing. 

I avoid interaction at all costs with these people. They obviously have no respecet for us or noise boundries (if that even makes sense). We even moved a log pile to separate our property and help absorb the sound.


When I came home all late night styley from work I generally expect a quiet entrance. When I realized what time it was and those dogs were out doin what they do, I almost lost it.  Fear not I kept my composure I really did. 

What I did do entailed a sassy walk to their front door and proceded to ring the doorbell. Then I knocked. I heard a stirring inside, I thought the door might open. BUT OH NO, he brought in the dogs at this point. 

Then he came to the door.  

            "Hi, sorry to bother you, Do you think you could bring your dogs inside because they were barking and its really late? <   : D   CHHEEEEEEESE>

 Guess what he said?!

 "Oh they are in" (ARe you kidding me?!)

             "Ok great thanks sorry to bother you. Have a good night!!"

"OK see ya"

It was so empowering to do it the right way. 
Why did he have to lie? 
Why couldn't he just apoligize and be honest?

People really test my ability to be a Peace Pilgrim. 

love love

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meet Rowena

Our new neighbor.........  Rowena.......uh .....that's what I think her name would be if she told me. 

.....these shots are about 50 feet up.........
The little hole is the door to her apartment. 

I wish you all could watch her graceful moves and hear her beautious song. 

---All photo credits to my main squeeze Miguel---

My art show is next weekend. 
I need to put my nose to the grindstone and bust some moves.

I'm so intimated and I don't know why.
 I am a successful artist damnit.
 People appreciate my passion and style. 

I feel fufilled and set afire by every single thing I make.

If only my nerves could get the message from my heart.


Monday, March 23, 2009

I can't get no satisfaction

I started doin my taxes and WOW I underestimated how complicated Self Employment taxes can be when you have no idea what you are doing ......  It doesn't help that I am the least organized person I know......So I will let you know how all of that turns out. I just have to keep telling myself that it will be easier next year....

Does anyone have any tips for staying organized in terms of the business side of things.....? 

I live and breathe sewing, but I could care less for the financial stuff. I would love to trade for everything, but trades don't pay the utlities or for the mortgage on our house.  I suppose I should start with quarterly reports of my income, expenses, and so on. I am so green when it comes to that stuff........One my stitchn bitches (hahaha!) uses a notebook to record how much time she spent on each item. I should def do this.......I mean I have plenty of notebooks, but they are filled with sketches and doodles.

I managed to get my craft on today, in addition to family time, grocery shoppin, bank stop, and the aforementioned tax fun. 

I made these super fun gaucho pants for yours truely it's been almost a year since I stitched myself something. My friend Tom gave me this fabric formerly known as curtains. :D It gave me a chance to work on my woven gaucho pattern.....These feature a drawstring waist and are extra wide leg. I see myself doin some serious hooping in these. 

Bust a move.

I made these pants for the shop. I scored this super funky blue stretch fabric with viney-ness knit into the fabric. These are going to make some mama very happy.  My little Lucia (loo-sha) liked these pants so much, she had to give me a pound during the photoshoot.

I bought some vital wheat gluten at the health food store today. I am going to attempt my own seitan. I'm pretty stoked, I just started getting into the good ol'wheat meat. I SO over tofu right now because they do not offer recycling for the containers. I can not in good faith buy it, I mean there are only so many ways to reuse those awkward rectangle containers with no lid. You feel me?  I will be sure to share my process and results. 

Wish me luck and feel free to drop some wheat knowledge on me

your pal, 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Feathered New Neighbors

Spring is a glorious time in my yard. There are always different birds to watch.  Our majestic oak tree has taken on some amazing tenants.  There is a dead branch that is being occupied by a couple of red bellied wood peckers.  I've yet to get a great action shot because of the height, but here is an image I found online.  

Miguel and I have been watching the show while sipping green tea on the back patio.  It seems as though the female (the smaller of the two) is preparing and hollowing out their branch/apartment.  There is a perfect hole that looks like it was formed by the branch that used to be there.  Every so often she will take a break from "hammering" and dump out the wood shavings. It is such a treat to see.

In terms of crafty-ness fear not y'all i have been a busy Banana. 
  ...........Custom orders really get me motivated and make me feel so appreciated......

I finished up a pair of custom men's dance pance in a really fun textured fabric with deady bolt pocket applique work. 



I stitched up a women's custom skirt. My darling violetdream envisioned this style and I brought it to life. It was inspired by one of my personal skirts I used for modeling some of my phunky leg warmers......I love my serger's gathering stitch and all, but a handgathered and top stitched ruffle totally rocks! Wouldn't you agree?

I finished up a Diagonal Delight patchy set for my friend Ashton. It turned out so nicely. Alas, I didn't have time for a proper modeling session before I delivered it to her. Somehow, I managed to snap some pictures on my dressform in my backyard.

lil velcro stash pocket for keys and moo-lah.....

 I've got some pants in the works; gauchos and wrap pants. I'm also tryin to develop a light weight shrug type thing for wearing with all of those lace tops and dressed we have. I don't know about you all, but my back gets cold sometimes. 


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bring on the Rain Bring on the Phunk

I live in the Tennessee Valley Area. We are surrounded by the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. When it rains here the rainclouds get real comfy like and stay here for days. Some people don't care for the rain, but I love it! I love any excuse to stay home and sew. The rain makes my two doggies extra tired, so they leave me to my creating.

I made some eco friendly powdered laundry soap and I thought I would share it with all of you. I have saved lots of moolah doing this as well. I found this original recipe on craftster.org, but with further research this recipe is tried and true and has been used for years! The best part is that I bought all of these ingridents at my local grocery store. All you need is food processor or one of those old fashioned biscuit dough tools. ..............You will need
  • 1 cup Borax: 20 mule team
  • 1 cup Washing Soda (not baking soda!)
  • one mild bar of soap (in this batch I used Fels Naptha, but Ivory Soap works well as does a nice castille soap such as Dr.Bronners) chopped up
Blend all of this up until it is pretty "smooth" it should look like this.
To use in washing machine use 1-2 tablespoons dependin on how much of a Garbage Pail Kid you Are.......A lil bit of this works great for great for your unmentionables you handwash in the sink. ;)

In other crafty news I made an awesome vegtarian sanndwich stuffin! Most people have has tuna or chicken salad at some point in their life....even myself. Personaly its been a LONG time since I ate either......

Instead I used garbonza beans/chick peas.....I high reccommend starting with dry beans, they are so much tastier and not to mention easier on your grocery bill. All you have to do is soak them over night, change the water, bring to boil, and then put the lid on lower the heat to medium low and wait about......35 minutes.....

Then simply drain your beans and mash them until your preferred consistency. Add to taste any of the traditional "salad" fixins. I used mayonnaise (the real or vegan stuff will work fine here), dijon mustard, celery, kosher pickle, toasted nuts (i used walnuts), lemon juice or dash of white wine vinager, and salt/pepper. Voila!

Serve on starch of your choice and garnish as you please......
My etsy shop is hutsling and bustling.....I've got several custom orders in the works. Miguel made an awesome tourmaline hat pin....Check it out!
My loving Mate Miguel grows more and more as an artist everyday. It's a beautful thing to watch.......
In the next few days I will be adding the following to my shop.....

one yellow pixie skirt
one butterfly theme pixie skirt
one teenage mutant ninja tutle skirt
one jungle theme skirt
one deady pair of wrap pants
one swingtown blouse


Monday, March 9, 2009

Boogie on Distractable Reggae Woman

I have been fabric huntin' at my favorite thrift shops....and I know I said I was going to invest in sustainable fibers, but I freakin love using vintage bed linens. You can't find funky prints like that at the store, and the fact that the materials are being re-purposed is a sa-weet bonus.

With all of the being said I can't seem to narrow my focus. I feel like i have to many ideas floating around that I can't seem to grasp a single one. I pull fabrics and coordinate colors and end with a bunch of different piles of fabric......I feel SO cat like when I do this. It's as if my next move should be to roll around and nap upon my fabric bounty. Meow!

Somehow I did manage to stitch up on skirt for my etsy shop. It is made of completely upcycled and vintage materials.....well all except the new high quality threads. This will be listed in the shop as soon as I get better pictures..... ;)

Last night I made some serious progress on a custom order for a friend here in Huntsville who is moving away soon. I am terrible with deadlines, so for once I am trying to get ahead......
It is inspired from a past piece I sold on etsy.....I call this design of skirt and apron "Diagonal Delight"
Here is what I have finished so far for Ashton......This "Diagonal Delight" will be in a lemon- lime flavor.
That's all for now friends, check my shop later this week for the Jungle Theme Skirt.............I see many more skirts in my future. ;)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ride me High

 This week has started on such a high note! I listed a few items last night and I sold an item within hours of listing it. Take that ebay!!! You and your always increasing selling fees! You can't keep this artist down, high ya! I really love the wrap pants I have been cranking out. They are so comfy and effortlessly sexy, especially when your leg plays pee-ka-boo. They appear to be my current best seller.
I have been battling a nasty winter cold and have been rather unmotivated to get in my craft room the past few days. Alas, I could not stop my hands from creating something. I kept a knit, knit, knit, knitting, and finally patiently I finished my aforementioned new head adornment. I am pretty stoked about it over all. I only dropped one stitch one time and I went back to pick it up later because I knew I could hide it on the inside. It's simply a narrow tube with size 8 needles with no dye acrylic cheap-o yarn. Ha, actually it's a rectangle I garter stitched together...let's "knot" forget my rookie skillz. It is really comfy and supportive while holding my massive amount of hair. ;)

My etsy team's ( Gypsy Road) February Challenge was to "Pimp it up". I stepped up some higher quality photography. I took better pictures of a few items that had already been in my shop....including this lil number I almost didn't relist after modeling her again ......

Nevertheless, is awesome dress and obi belt sold within a few days of relisting with the better pictures. (I'll be shipping asap darlin'!). Thanks Julie for inspiring me to improve and become more professional. You are the best etsy team cap'in ever. :* I love a good challenge, don't you all?

On another high note, my serger Bee-bop is all fixed up and will be coming home with Miguel tonight! I'm going to tidy up my studio up for her arrival. I have a few ideas for some skirts that I will bounce out in the next few days.

Hugs everyone!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bouncing Without my Serger

I had to take Bee-Bop, my serger, to the repair shop last week. it felt so lonely without her....I have learned the importance of frequently changing the needles. I think that is what caused her to get out of alignment.....It felt good to figure out what went wrong though.

I thought I was going crazy, she would start to stitch alright and then she would just snag the inside needle thread in the stitch.......I hate when that happens! You ladies feel me?

Whenever things go wrong with Bee-Bop i like to second guess the fact that I did not pick her out. She was a gift from Miguel's parents for Christmas a few years ago....I dreamt about the day I was going to be able to go serger shopping. It's a weird feeling, but c'est la vie. Maybe someday, if necessary, I will upgrade to a 5-thread machine. For now, I will live in the moment and embrace Bee-Bop and all of her sensitivies. I am still very green to serger use......I will "be here now" and craft without her.....

Last week I mentioned a polyester palooza in my studio..... I have four new items that will be listed in my etsy shop soon. Meanwhile, enjoy some visual stimulation..... ;)

black stretch wrap pants

these have lots of movement in them so you can hoop, dance, and do your yoga poses as you please
neon flash dance stretch gaucho pants with pockets
i'm getting back to my ballet roots for my modeling sessions...it's all about the lines

this "perogative" top/skirt is a new design for me.
there is a lot of movement in it, while still being a sexy tube top or skirt
It's my prerogative
It's the way that I wanna live

I am still toiling away at the market bags I mentioned last week. All I have to do is a a fix the straps to each of the bags, then they are ready for Miguel's painting skillz. The only other sewing I feel like doing without my serger Bee-Bop is a few fabric tapestries......more on these in my next post

In other new, I have picked up my knitting needles this past week. It really soothes me, more than anything. I recently taught myself with a ThreadBanger video tutorial. I had made several attempts to learn years ago, but this time it finally came together for me.

I am working on a headband/dreadlock tube thing-y. Its my second knitting project ever. I will hopefully be finished with it in a few days. I still don't understand how I do it, but somehow the stitches flow from my fingers. I am still pretty slow at knitting, but it is improving my patience. Crocheting is the final frontier.....

A Bien Tot Mes Amis!