Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weight of the World

Get ready for a super long rant here. I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders tonight. I must vent...........

I just got off a super long night shift bartending (801 Franklin the best place for all natural and organic fine dining in Huntsville, AL). Needless to say, it was a long night and I definately earned my money tonight. 

    Miguel and our two dogs were waiting for me after my shift. We had a lovely spring night drive home together. Little to our dismay, our neighbors horendous four yappy "dogs" were on their screened in porch barking like there was no tomorrow.  At 1 AM, I mean come on!

And let me tell you all, this is an all the time thing. I have to plan my hula hooping schedules for when I know they are going to be at work and their dogs are going to be inside. Also when there is a chance that our two dogs and their four dogs are out at the same time I bring mine in because all of the dogs just bark like hell at each other. 

It         is           mind         numbing. 

I avoid interaction at all costs with these people. They obviously have no respecet for us or noise boundries (if that even makes sense). We even moved a log pile to separate our property and help absorb the sound.


When I came home all late night styley from work I generally expect a quiet entrance. When I realized what time it was and those dogs were out doin what they do, I almost lost it.  Fear not I kept my composure I really did. 

What I did do entailed a sassy walk to their front door and proceded to ring the doorbell. Then I knocked. I heard a stirring inside, I thought the door might open. BUT OH NO, he brought in the dogs at this point. 

Then he came to the door.  

            "Hi, sorry to bother you, Do you think you could bring your dogs inside because they were barking and its really late? <   : D   CHHEEEEEEESE>

 Guess what he said?!

 "Oh they are in" (ARe you kidding me?!)

             "Ok great thanks sorry to bother you. Have a good night!!"

"OK see ya"

It was so empowering to do it the right way. 
Why did he have to lie? 
Why couldn't he just apoligize and be honest?

People really test my ability to be a Peace Pilgrim. 

love love

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