Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bouncing Without my Serger

I had to take Bee-Bop, my serger, to the repair shop last week. it felt so lonely without her....I have learned the importance of frequently changing the needles. I think that is what caused her to get out of alignment.....It felt good to figure out what went wrong though.

I thought I was going crazy, she would start to stitch alright and then she would just snag the inside needle thread in the stitch.......I hate when that happens! You ladies feel me?

Whenever things go wrong with Bee-Bop i like to second guess the fact that I did not pick her out. She was a gift from Miguel's parents for Christmas a few years ago....I dreamt about the day I was going to be able to go serger shopping. It's a weird feeling, but c'est la vie. Maybe someday, if necessary, I will upgrade to a 5-thread machine. For now, I will live in the moment and embrace Bee-Bop and all of her sensitivies. I am still very green to serger use......I will "be here now" and craft without her.....

Last week I mentioned a polyester palooza in my studio..... I have four new items that will be listed in my etsy shop soon. Meanwhile, enjoy some visual stimulation..... ;)

black stretch wrap pants

these have lots of movement in them so you can hoop, dance, and do your yoga poses as you please
neon flash dance stretch gaucho pants with pockets
i'm getting back to my ballet roots for my modeling's all about the lines

this "perogative" top/skirt is a new design for me.
there is a lot of movement in it, while still being a sexy tube top or skirt
It's my prerogative
It's the way that I wanna live

I am still toiling away at the market bags I mentioned last week. All I have to do is a a fix the straps to each of the bags, then they are ready for Miguel's painting skillz. The only other sewing I feel like doing without my serger Bee-Bop is a few fabric tapestries......more on these in my next post

In other new, I have picked up my knitting needles this past week. It really soothes me, more than anything. I recently taught myself with a ThreadBanger video tutorial. I had made several attempts to learn years ago, but this time it finally came together for me.

I am working on a headband/dreadlock tube thing-y. Its my second knitting project ever. I will hopefully be finished with it in a few days. I still don't understand how I do it, but somehow the stitches flow from my fingers. I am still pretty slow at knitting, but it is improving my patience. Crocheting is the final frontier.....

A Bien Tot Mes Amis!

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