Monday, January 26, 2009

Let the Sun Shine

I have a vending gig in April I need to start gearing up for.....I'm very excited. It will be with 19 other local all female artists in the area. It's going to be kinda nice creating things knowing I won't have to list on the internet. Don't get me wrong I do love modeling and picture editing, but sometimes it seems to take more time that it should.

This time its going to be quite different, making things without an immediate chance for sale. I feel like I am about to turn myself into a one woman sweat shop. I feel like it might suppress my creative flow, but there are ways to combat this. I like to pull out my favorite sing along music and blast it. I thoroughly enjoyed some live Bruce Hornsby today. I forgot how good it feels to sing out load; especially when no one is around.

It was pretty nice out today. Mike and I brushed the dogs in the sunshine. They needed it too, their thick coats are extra fluffy with us being right smack in the middle of winter. Here's a pic I snapped while the sun was shining. Mike and I picked this giant druzy(lots-o-tiny crystals) quartz on our last mining trip in South Carolina. The orange-y-ness is from the iron in the soils. There are chemicals we could use to remove it, but we like it natural.
I finished up the shirt to a winter outfit I had been working on.
Here is a sneak peak at the fabrics.....

charcoal gray corduroy salvaged from men's pants
amazing printed vintage twill

I am waiting for a BIG box of sewing supplies in the mail. I can't wait! I'm getting a spool rack for all of my thread amongst other things. I am most stoked about getting 10 yards of applique fusing. I have SO many ideas floating around that need to be brought to life.


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  1. Oooh, that vintage is neat-o! I'm such a dork for calling it neat.