Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cheap Thrills

I went to an estate sale the other day. You never know what you are going to stumble upon at these things.

I wonder what the sale of my estate will consist of.....

Hopefully there won't be a bunch of unused craft supplies. I hate to leave things unfinished.....even though these are usually what I look for. Nothing makes me happier than an uncut pattern or unopened package of elastic. Nevertheless, I try to buy as few new supply items as possible.

Don't get me wrong I love all the fancy designer prints available in fabric shops, though most of the time the price deters me from purchases. Using eco friendly upcycled fabrics allows me to keep my prices low for my customers.

I try to find the style in textiles that are already favorite finds include vintage (or just plain pretty) bed sheets, corduroy pants, table clothes, and anything made of knit fabric.

Back to my estate sale visit....I didn't find any craft supplies this time. I did find some awesome functional pottery.

I was pretty excited about the earthy brown tea pot. I scored a his and hers set of mugs that remind me of beehives. These mugs are huge and will be great for cold nights and chamomile tea.

The coolest score has to be the tiny "pitchers". I found out that they were made by a local potter and worth about alot more than what I paid for them. Antique Road Show here I come! Anyway, I think they may be nasal cleansing pots....or nettie pots. Mine will be used to refill my steam iron with water. Yay!

While bumming around my neighborhood I stopped at a farmer's little stand on the side of the road. I grabbed some of the prettiest yellow squash I've ever seen. I couldn't resist the peaches either. I will probably make a vegan potato salad with the tender red potatoes. The cucumber will be eaten raw. Miguel made a batch of garlic and dill pickles with our last local cucumbers.

estate sale fun $5 + home grown local produce $5 = summer time fun, priceless

Get outside and enjoy the warm season!


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