Saturday, May 30, 2009

sun is shining weather is sweet

bonnaroo is just around the corner........i can't wait to move my dancing feet
meanwhile, i finally updated my shop with a few summer-licious items

you guys like the mini skirts? i think i'm really gonna run with this idea.......they are fun to make and affordable enough for everyone to enjoy.

love and hugs

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


sewing is the only thing keeping me from going crazy.......seriously.........i have been dealing with some not so fun stuff around here. being a grown up is often over rated. i feel like i took my responsability-free days for granted. i can't rewind time but a girl can dream, right?

with all of that being said i have been busy in the sewing room.......hopefully i'll have pictures and have posted new items in the next few days.

you can look for......

quite a few mini skirts
a smocked dress with a matching obi belt


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Last Chance Last Dance

Lucia and Pablo love smelling the sweet spring rain. 

As many of you out there, I am a truely last minute kind of woman.....meaning....I will work and work until the last minute. I will procrastinate anything of remote importance to the last minute.....SO of couse I am going to craft to the last minute before my week long visit to Newport Beach, California.

I initially planned on making some mens cargo patchy shorts for the ol' etsy shop, but you know me....ever distractable and always multitasking......I almost finished them, but I decieded to stop and pack for my trip.

In between working on these pants I became insprired to update a hoodie I no longer wore.

I went to this phine university for two years before moving to Alabama.....This is where I met the love of my life....actually we met at a music festival four hours from the university....the rest is history. ;)

One of my dogs kindly chewed a hole near the wrist cuff, which was remedied by shortening both hem necessary because jersey knits rock!! 

I added a nice chunky applique to the fron to cover the boring silk screen....I never played any sports at SIUC anways..... I used a jersey tank top for the floral print and scraps from previous applique projects (I don't throw anything aways, just ask Miguel....)

I like the way it turned out, very organic ya know? It was also a good way for my to further hone my applique skills.....I'm still pretty green in this area. 

As requested by a few stitchn' bitches here is a pic of the swim suit I made for my trip. I did some elastic stitchin on the bodice for support and shape. I can wear it with the rouching in the front or back.

.....I'm too shy for a full out modeling session of this.....I'll take a pic on the beach once I have a lil liquid courage. tee hee ;P

Hugs and Love,