Friday, February 6, 2009

its friday i'm in love

Yes, I am in love with the idea of having a job to go to this evening. As I learn about all of the layoffs across the U.S. and even within my town of Huntsville, Alabama I am forever grateful. I can't imagine how I would get by without having a stable (somewhat) income. I work at this awesome restaurant and bar. 801 Franklin is the best job I have ever had. The staff is super small and kynd.
The best part about this place is that is is independently owned by this local hipster. The food we serve is for the most part free range, organic, and or local. Let me tell you, there aren't many people doing this in Alabama. I have learned SO much about wine and bar service since I have worked there. I can shake up a mean Manhattan ..... that is is you are a bourbon fan like me.... :)

With all this being said, I don't want to go into work tonight. I feel like just when I get my creative mumbo jumbo in the groove I have to go into work. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my job and I love taking care of people. It just seems like my creativity doesn't cooperate with the timimg. I would love to sew and create full time, but right now it just isn't in the cards. I look at where my "business" was years ago and my skills and clientel have bloomed tremendously! I know financially I don't have the business to support all of my needs...........maybe someday. I suppose most artists are masters of doing a million things at once. "Do you feeeeeeel like I do?"

Ok then! Enough rambling; on to the crafting......

This is what I have been workin on
In honor of my etsy team's challenge {GypsyRoad} "Taking care of number one" challenge I finished up a BUNCH of random things that needed some love in my studio.

1. I finally finished up the care package I was workin on for my Best-y and her little family. She and I went to high school together in St.Louis, MO. Now she and hers live in Gunnison, Colorado.
.....for baby bear.....a precious velour octopus made from vintage even has his initial on one of the feet like in Toy Story
2. for papa bear.....a handmade hankerchief with a little free motion embroidery.....I'm still figuring this process out, but it still sweet!

3. for mama bear.... a wrap skirt that i made from a dress she made years ago....does that make sense? lol

4. I fixed up a hole in some sweat pants and a sweater for Miguel......and of course a boring circle patch is too ordinary for the way .....I LOVE patching up holes with jersey/knit fabric. It is So much easier.....I used the star patch method on several other things for him
5. after enough life with eternally cold hands...I took a bit of inspiration from the etsy world and made some lil hand warmers. They were made with fleece scraps from a custom scarf order and were super quick.
{doesn't Miss Lucia look beautiful in the morning sun?}
Moving right along here people.....:D
As I mentioned before I am gearing up for an Art/craft show....
So i have been going through my vintage fabrics that I have been able to cut into because the awe inspiring prints.....and I made some eco friendly tapesteries (top 4 items). I made something like this years ago for a literacy project. There are three laters of fabric and all of the seams are tucked inside. I either machine or handquilted a bit on each to keep the layers together.....{MAD props to all of you hand quilters out there). There are loops at the top for a stick or dowl rod to slip through and a tiny space to put in a straighted wire coat hanger. This keeps the tapestry straight and pretty. Then you can hand it horizontally by the stick or you add ribbon and hang it. I will post an action shot soon, as well as many more tapestries.......

The bottom row entails some zippered pouches I made from my scrap bins. They are fully lined and one of a kind.

Much love,


  1. Go, mama, go!! Email those pics of your challenge stuff to me and I'll add them to the post. ;-)

  2. o no! not the vintage fabric! *cringes* i can't bring myself to cut into ANY of my favorites. it's so hard! you think you have a good project but then....o no! what if you think of something better?? anywho, cuteness all around! what an amazing care package. =)