Sunday, February 15, 2009

spread thin, but still productive

I am so happy that Valentine's Day has come and past. My job was insanely crazy busy providing four courses of deliciousness to couples celebrating the holiday. I think that love should be constant and not shown through a designated day. I would feel like such a communist if I went out to Dinner with my man on Valentines Day.....Oh well its, over! Huzzah! :D

On to the craftiness.....
Somehow while working 40 hours last week, I managed to get a few things finished......
Here we have a jumper made from some amazing vintage taupe and tourmaline dark green wool. I washed (cold) and dried both wools to prevent any shrinking in the future. Dry cleaning sucks! It is so bad for the environment, besides people have been wearing wool fabrics LONG before dry cleaning was available. I appliqued a diamond on either mitered corner pocket.
"Queen of Diamonds Jumper"
I also made my first pair of gauchos from some stellar black printed vintage polyester jersey. I made them to go with an apron top I made last summer. The apron top features sweet eyelet white cotton fabric, and the aforementioned vintage jersey fabric. I originally made it to go with this wrap skirt with a detachable pocket, but I sold it separately on etsy a couple of weeks ago (thanks again Suzanne!).
Any who, back to the gauchoes....I made them with a nice wide waistband that can be worn up or folded down. This style waistband is SO hot right now. I look forward to trying it out more. I added some three inch eyelet trim to the hem.
I also finished up this great reconstructed shirt from a man's ginormous button down shirt. It is a peasant style blouse with elastic at the neckline and sleeves, which are raglan style. I also added a drawstring to gather just under the bust for a slimming fit. I even reused the breast pocket.

In honor of my etsy team Gypsy Road's challenge of the month, I am not only blogging my processes, I am also stepping up my photography. I acquired some floresant lights that show the fabrics true to color. I have also been brushing up on photography basics. Most imporantly I am taking new pictures of some of the stock in my shop that don't give the garment justice at all {I have more of these right now then i like :( } . And as much as I loved taking pictures outside, the lighting is not always conduscive to a great photoshoot.
Here are two items I took entirely new pictures for their listings.
tank top dress with faux suede vintage pink jersey & calico

This week I plan on making more fabric tapestries for the art fair. I have a bunch of a ideas for appliques, BUT I can't start that until I load up on a bunch of different colored threads. I hate paying retail price for thread, but I don't have the patience to search online for the best deal.......

much love everyone,


  1. Love the dresses hun! The gauchos turned out awesome! Check out awesome deals on Guiterman threads and serger threads, and all kinds of other kick-ass notions!

  2. You are SO right about the dry cleaning! I've been washing "dry clean only" clothes forever, and it's funny how surprised people are that you can. That wool jumper is adorable :-)