Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Summer Musical Adventures--- PaRt OnE

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to let all my love-ies out there that I am back safe and sound at my homestead for the summer. Ha, I'm home at least for now.....I wish so badly that I could go see more shows. Darn responsibilities! How cumbersome can it get?!

Grab a cup of something tastey and enjoy reading about my travels.

My lil three day run of Phish was so amazing and beautiful. I reconnected with tons of friends and soaked of the cool northerly winds.

Let's talk about Bonnaroo first.

My volunteer experience at Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN was really great. Although checking in took what seemed like ForEvEr and we had to share a car in with our friend because we were not issued a parking pass (it was actually pretty much a nightmare, but I'm tryn' to be postive).

I refused to let those minor glitchs ruin my festival phun. Our volunteer duties consisted of getting cars checked into the grounds. It was as if we were the greeters of the festival. I loved chattin' people up and asking where they were from and what bands they were going to see. One pretty cool thing about volunteering was that we received meal tokens for each shift we works. There were TONS of vegetarian and not food vendors to choose from.
meal token
Our campsite was about a mile from Centeroo, but I didn't care. We were at a cul-de-sac of the campgrounds and had quiet neighbors. I love primitive camping, especially cookin' dinner for all my homies. I could camp all time if I had too. Though in all honesty and truth I need power because it's a necessary componant to sew, serge, iron, and communicate with all my clients.
view from campsite
rockin the Potomac -Nanner fusion
Miguel and I jam packed our schedules so that we were cutting concerts in half to see more music. We seriously danced until our legs were sore.

I was really impressed with the amenities that were becoming permanent sctructures within the festival grounds, especially the wells in Centeroo to refill your water vessels with. We also learned that all food vendors were required to use compostable cups, plate, and cutlery.
wells with faucets all the way around
recycle, compost,landfill

One thing to keep in mind about this festival is that it was scorching HOT. I was reapplying sunscreen like it was my job. They reccommended drinking a gallon of water minimum per person everyday. Though I can say that the heat let up at night so that you could get a good night's rest. I don't know about everyone else, but I need sleep especially after/before a day of groovin'.

Overall, I was stoked to rock out for TwO different nights of Phish while engulfed by even more music.

David Byrne was another amzing experience I had to keep pinching myself through. He is such a genious!! If you ever get the chance to see him live DO IT! Everything from the clothing to lights to dance moves is meticuously planned. It's really a great time.
encore de ballet tutus
I enjoyed Friday Phish alot. A few songs that I particularly enjoyed include The Divided Sky, Stash, Golgi Apparatus, Wading in the Velvet Sea, and let's not forget You Enjoy Myself into Wilson and back to YEM. It was creamy all around.

The weather {At NiGhT} was nice and cool and OpTiMum for gettin' down.

here I am rockin' my rookie hoop skillz.....those mamas behind me were AWESOME!
Saturday was bluegrass-o-rific for us. This is when the most concert boucing occured; all that music is overwhelming and amazing at the same time. Del McCoury was super enjoyable, especially their sweet guest appearances by the ever famous David Grisman and Jon Fishman.

David Grisman, Del McCoury Band, and Jon Fishman

I enjoyed Erika Badu's preformance, but more importantly the late night Nine Inch Nails was so pulsating and invigorating. I had never seen them live before and I realized what I was missing. Hopefully there will be some more U.S. shows in the near furture.

the happy couple kickin' it at the pagoda
Sunday was fun, too. I mean how can there ever be a bad day of a music festival?! It was not nearly as crowded because it was the last day of the events. We relaxed at the Sonic Stage, which entail 45 minute one set concerts. An artist I was excited to discover was Ben Solle, he has a really unique cello style that makes me wanna stitch something up. :P

my friend ashton and i rockin agreenbanana goodness
sunset while hustling back for dinner before phish
Sunday night's Phish show was phun. Bathtub Gin was especially dancy for me. Silent in the Morning rocked my soul while 'Antelope' bounced through my spirit.

It got kinda weird for us though when Burce Springsteen came out for a few songs.....I know that he's Trey's hero, but Bruce doesn't really do it for me. We didn't even go see him (Bruce/a.k.a. The Boss) while were were at the festival. We actually spent a few hours picking up/out recycleables from campsites. They had this grear trading post where you could redeem points collected per bag of recycling. The crowd really enjoyed it, but I took a snack break. :p

Phish finished up with a fun Suzy Greenburg (sometimes I feel way to much like that lil mama) and Tweezer Reprise.
classic and necessary shot
I wasn't too sad that the festival was over because I knew I had alot more miles to travel, friends to see, and Phish concerts to rock to.

I have some good friends volunteering at Rothbury next week who volunteered with us. I am super interested to see how things compare.

All in all I can say that will DEFINETLY volunteer again for any festival.



  1. What a great review, Brenna!
    I especially LOOOOVE the balloon pic of you! Sorry to hear about the glitches of getting in and parking. You'd think they'd have this down as it is NOT the first time to have voluteers. All-in-all, do you think it was worth it--to volunteer?

  2. hooray!!! at least I can live vicariously through your festie adventures... love the clothes!!