Friday, June 5, 2009

"When I think about you, I sew for myself"

Haha I couldn't resist!

 When I think about a festival(in this case Bonnaroo), I think about the chance to show off my skillz and network with other crafty mamas........ I try to gather all my favorite creations and make a few new ones to RePrEsEnT!!!!
I created and altered a few outfits for lil ol' me......

The first is a collaboration between my girl Justine and I......She custom made me a batik patch with "Lettuce Head" (yay for vegetarians!)  on some her her KILLER green  hand dyed fabric

I believe it's hemp, feel free to comment the correct fibers J-Bean.................

I've been on a mini skirt kick lately because the blazing Alabama heat is settling in around here. I paired the aformentioned fabric with some polyester stretchy dark green fabric.....stretchy fabrics are a must in mini skirts for maximum dancibility.  :) The pocket consists of the batik patch. I can wear it to the front or back depending on what I feel like......

The next creation is a remix of an old creation.  I took apart one of the first apron tops I made YeArs ago and made it SO much better......I had a pretty purple top that would never look right on me, so I salvaged the fabric........ The bodice design was inspired by Elyse of Elyse orginals and my fellow Gypsy Road member Cory........It features pleats under and across the bust for lots of support and style. 

The "skirt" of the shirt was actually the entire previous shirt.....I just flipped it and did some tiny pleats under the bust. I also added a velcro pocket with a scrap of some adorable Holly Hobbie fabric.

Lastly, I resized and lowered the waist of some shorts that were a kick down from an old friend. I wore them around the house and the flowly rayon fabric was really comfortable, but they looked like Mom Jeans. Ha!

I added a fresh elastic waist, a hip pocket on either side and cuffs at the hem......The best part about these pants are the 9 stars I appliqued to the back leg. There was a stain and I decieded to get funky with covering it up. It turned out so cute, right?

I want to make a few more things, but we will have to see if time allows.

Much love to you all,


  1. Cuuuuute! I love them all! Yep, the fabric is hemp/organic cotton blend. n those stars are amazin'!!! Stitch on, girlfriend!!!

  2. i love mini skirts =) and all of yours are so cute =) i need to be getting out my machine ... if i can find any space for it... and make a few.