Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Saved from the Trash #2

Hot tea soothes my mind and tantalizes my palette.

I just restocked my nest with a bunch of new teas.

In my opinion, loose tea makes for a better tea experience than a disposable pre-measured sachet.

You don't have to take my word for it. Just ask this friend of mine, she makes some really cool reusable tea bags.

Whatever your day entails, I guarantee it will be better with a spot of tea.

Now let's move on to the dumpster diving madness.

This is how I store my loose teas.

When ever we finish a nice jar of jam or salsa, I meticulously clean the jar and lid. That's right, I saved these innocent and useful jars from the trash. I don't usually fight the label, I'm not that tidy.

Check the spiddle of herbal orange spice tea. Embrace the clove overload!

I love having nice glass jars and tins in my pantry rather than boring wasteful boxes. It makes me feel connected to those of you awesome people who can and preserve your produce.

One thing that I can share about reusing jars is that they are not all created equal. Pickle and olive jar lids can be really tough to get rid of the vinegary smell. What's a crafter to do?!

Toss the lid out and embrace what you can do!

Bust out your hot glue gun and attach some schnazzy fabric. My pen cup is styin' in stripes. My bountiful bud vase is rockin' in some free motion quilting by yours truly.


These red roses were saved from the trash for now.

My place of work replaces their flowers weekly. I generally deposit the old flowers straight into my compost heap. This past week's roses still had plenty of beauty to share before returning to the earth.


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