Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm Engaged!

Miguel proposed this past Saturday! 
The ring is white gold with aqua marine and diamond. 
He bought it from an artist on etsy, huzzah for handmade!.
I am officially engaged to be married. It hasn't really sunk in or changed anything at this point....we bought a house together last year. Even so, it's pretty exciting! We have absoltely no plans or a date yet.....that's going to be a huge planning task....we are just enjoying being engaged.
In other crafty news I went to a baby shower this weekend for a friend and of course I had to make's so much more sincere that some piece of crap from Taiwan...

Here's the gift all wrapped up from my stash of wrapping supplies that I reuse.....

I made three reversbile bibs with organic cotton quilt batting between the layers and there are rounded velco closures.


all tagged up

**If anyone is interested in a tute or pattern, drop a line and I try to put something together**

They were a big hit, people were baffaled at the fact that I made them (well all except my friend the mama to-be).....its weird how some people still haven't (re-)embraced the handmade way......

I freakin thrive on the handmade movement and love sharing the resource etsy with everyone I meet. 



  1. omg! congradulations! gorgeous ring and awesome baby bibs. so cute. =) hugs! erin

  2. i didn't spell thats c-word right, did i? lol....

  3. Congrats, mama!!! You will be one beautiful bride!!!

  4. You are the best Brenna!! You defintely got your artistic talents from the Atkinson side vs the Read's. Love the bibs, love your ring, and your future husband but of all love you!!! Thanks for the call- I got that before the email!!! Congratulations to you both!!!!

  5. What a beautiful ring, congrats there chicadee!!!!! have fun planning the day!