Thursday, April 23, 2009

Raging the Recon's

Greetings all! I hope you are all enjoying spring as much as I am....April is such a great month. This is especially true because ends with my birthday on the 30th....

This past week I have been rampling through all of my cool printed clothes for reconstruction.....I think its funny how I can hold onto something for YeArS before I get the nerve to cut into it.....I have this fear of no turning back with my super sweet fabrics. 

 Nevertheless, I tell myself that I can always rip the seams out and start over......Oh man I think back to my Sewing class back in highschool....We had this special dressing room that my class converted and renamed the "seam ripping room". We had a nice lounge chair and everything for super CaReFuLL thread ripping......I am quite good a this now.....there is never a wasted shirt pocket on my watch ;)

I have quite a few items that are ready for pictures and posting, alas my work week has finally begun. I will be slingin' drinks and heady organic food for the next three nights.....

Meanwhile.....I would like everyone's input on one of my latests creations......


This hot lil number is made from upcycled super heady Star Wards bed sheets and an upcycled navy cotton T shirt.

I was thinkin about adding some sort of applique to the back of the top just below the neckline, but I haven't decided......

What do you think?


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  1. I think it looks fine like it is. I wish I could come up with these ideas:P