Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Melancholy Mama

Hey Everyone. Here is a picture of my booth from over the weekend. The party flags were a big hit....and they totally brightened the space up (thanks for tip gypsy road mama's)

It was really fun having a legit spot to sling my wares. Overall it was a learning experience and a chance to network. I made more coin than I expected and I got rid of all of my business cards. I even met some cool local artisans.

The only downfall is that my digital camera is missing! I was pretty bummed, especially when I narrowed down the last place I saw it was when I went into work Saturday afternoon...... I don't know if it grew legs and walked out of my giant tote bag or what...... :( ARG!I don't want to accuse people because that's just not worth it, especially without proof. Besides, I am a firm believer in the Karmic cycle.

SO I'm going to cut my losses and apply the purchase of a new camera to my 2009 taxes.

I recently traded some clothing repairs for a giant bag of fun printed men's button down shirts and vintage linens(thanks Andrew!)...............I've got quite a few reconstructing styles I can't wait to try.

I will have more goodies in the etsy shop as soon as I can take some pictures.



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